Weight Loss Through Social Shaming

I apparently gained thirty pounds over the course of the past year.

This time last year, thanks to an app on my phone, I was reminded of my excitement to have hit 189 on the scale. And while I knew I had to start making better decisions lately as clothes started to not fit, I did not realize it had gotten that bad.

It’s all about choices. My enjoyment of BBQ and ice cream needs to be offset by kickboxing three times a week. When you choose to get lazy at 6:30 Monday and Wednesday nights, that’s a problem.

So, after #TheSmokening Season Finale this weekend, I’ll start my reset on October first.

My biggest problem, and at least ten of the pounds (possible up to 15), stems from a trip to Vegas at the end of July. Not the trip itself, which was amazing (for a number of reasons), but because I lost the charger to my UA Band (Under Armor’s version of the FitBit).

Earlier this year, on The Rock’s recommendation and because like most political consultants I like wasting money (though unlike DC consultants and Albany bureaucrats, I at least only waste my own money), I spent the $400 for the UA Box. It’s a bracelet, heart rate monitor, scale, and it all tied together via two smartphone apps.

Technology and social media are funny things. When I started to fade at the gym, I would push myself harder just because I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of the complete strangers who followed me and my progress on the apps. I even added an extra 15 minutes of cardio and a few extra sets of weights just to get me numbers up.

That all went to shit when I left the charger in Vegas and the bracelet died. Little by little I got lazier, skipped days, and even started eating more because I wasn’t logging calories on that app either.

A lot of people like to make fun of those who talk about the gym and dieting on social media…mainly because a lot of people are assholes who haven’t discovered the healing power of “mute” and “unfollow.” But I understand a lot more about why people share so much.

Sure, some of it is “ZOMG, PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEEEEE!!!!!” But for most, it’s what keeps us honest. It’s the extra push a lot of us need to stay on a path so many of us struggle with.

It’s time to get that back.

Not until after the weekend though.