When Liberals Complain Aboot Fox News…(No. 3 in a Series)

I think we’re all in agreement that “Time Magazine” isn’t quite on the same ideological scale as “The Weekly Standard,” so when Time’s managing editor talks aboot the MSM being in the tank for Obama…I’ll let Amanda Carpenter tell the story:

I am in Indianapolis this morning to speak at the Bulen Symposium on American Politics at IUPUI and before I was scheduled to speak Time Magazine’s illustrious Mark Halperin spoke to attendees. He had some very harsh words for his media colleagues who have given Barack Obama too much favorable press coverage. Halperin said the media’s unwillingess to hold Obama “accountable” is “the biggest failure of the media since the Iraq war.”

If only Halperin had a venue in the media where he could have provided more fair coverage. Oh, wait…

And as a bonus, apparently Charlie Rose interviewed Tom Brokaw before the election, and they both said they hardly knew anything aboot Barack Obama. Let that one linger.

UPDATE: Halperin strikes again…


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