Newt Gingrich and iTunes

Newt Gingrich angered some of the poseur “movement conservatives” and other net nerds recently when he expressed his recent disappointment at the RNC for releasing a web ad tying P.E. BAM to Blago. Is it because he wants the MSM to like him and get invited to all the great Georgetown cocktail parties?

Or is he simply looking at the big picture? You be the judge…

Republicans should be eager to work with him when he is right, and, when he is wrong, offer a better solution, instead of just opposing him…This is the only way the Republican Party will become known as the “better solutions” party, not just an opposition party. And this is the only way Republicans will ever regain the trust of the voters to return to the majority.

I’ll be honest, I only have a marginal interest in Blagogate (or Blagopalooza…I’m not sure what name we settled on) and it’s purely for the sake of snark. It gives me an excuse to blog on how if the MSM had investigated BAM’s Chicago ties half as much as Joe the Plumber’s back-taxes, Hillary Clinton would be president elect right now.

But outside of that…who besides me wanted to wild out and get violent for the past few years having to listen to the Democrat leadership (Pelosi, Reid, MSNBC) go straight to Defcon five everytime George Bush chose eggs over pancakes for breakfast? Is that really how we want to spend the next four years?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for starting shit with Democrats. I’m itching for a fight. But let’s make it a fight over something worth while. Opposing the bail out of the UAW was worth while…which even included some snark by renaming the heads of GM, Chrysler, and the Democrat Party UAW the “Three Little Pigs.”

Even here in New York, Governor Patterson straight up gave us an issue as a Christmas present where he wants to tax everything from soda to beer and cigars to iTunes purchases. He wants to tax iTunes purchases. Could you imagine a better issue that would a) appeal to younger voters, b) motivate creative internet activism, c) give us a tax issue to rally around?

Attacking on bailouts? Good.

Attacking on taxes? Good.

Attacking on a scandal where it is 99% obvious that P.E. BAM and his crue had nothing to do with? I’ve got better ways to waste my time.

UPDATE: Ok, now this is just silly.

UPDATE TWO: Talk aboot a distraction…

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