2010 Watch: The King vs. The Princess

Princess Caroline hasn’t even been coroneted as the next Senator of New York yet, and she already has an opponent for the 2010 special election…Congressman Pete King.

So sayeth the man in a recent New York Magazine article…

“I have been talking to a lot of people around the state. Giuliani is supporting me. The big issue is money. Caroline Kennedy will have access to a lot more money. I have to make sure I can get $30 million to $35 million to make this competitive.”

“She has led an almost Greta Garbo-like reclusive life and now wants to be appointed senator from the state which is the No. 1 terrorist target in the world. You need someone who can fight and knows what’s going on.”

The differences between the two are astounding, because while Caroline looks like she’s being dragged around New York against her will, I see Pete King all over the place…even before I even realized he was my congressman. Granted we Irish have a habit of sticking out, but it seems everywhere I turn I’d see him talking to people with a cup of coffee, coming out of church, at various Police benefits over the years (again – Irish, New York – go figure), etc.

One in particular was last October. We had a benefit for my friend’s nephew, whose father died a year earlier in Iraq. It was a week before the bitter national election and it’s not like King was running against anyone himself (I may have seen some dude at the Long Beach festival in a green tie holding a sign, but he could have been anyone), so if there was ever a weeknight to relax at home with a pint of Guinness and watch “Hannity and Colmes,” this was it. Yet, there was Pete King to show his support.

And because I had started to hear rumours aboot his future plans, I actually stayed back and watched him as he went from table to table talking to people, asking them what was on their mind, asking aboot my friend’s nephew and his family, and so on. He was in the mix, talking to the voters, simply to see what he needs to know.

Compare that to Caroline Kennedy, where when you look at the expression on her face you can almost hear her saying, “But Uncle Teddyy, I don’t wanna talk to the voters! Don’t we have peopllle to do thattt?”

UPDATE: Umm…I agree with Gloria Steinem?


UPDATE TRES: I’m really going to enjoy this…

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