Can We Take Down Chuck Schumer?

I had suggested #TCOT (Top Conservatives on Twitter) create a “#TCOT Ten Most Wanted List” of the top ten senators/congressman we wanted to take out in 2010. A friend had suggested New York Senator Chuck Schumer be on the list, which I dismissed at first as Schumer seems pretty untouchable (plus to be honest, I don’t have any particular beef with him).

But I was watching “Morning Joe” this morning, and they were talking aboot the Bernie Madoff brou-ha-ha. It was mentioned by Jim Cramer how Chuck Schumer’s campaign’s have been almost entirely funded by Wall Street donations, and that it’s silly to expect someone take as much money from Wall Street as Schumer to ever investigate them.

I got to think, what if we had a young, reform minded, fiscal conservative running a grassroots campaign on that – Schumer isn’t the Senator from the great state of New York, he’s the Senator from Wall Street?

It’s a long shot and you’d have to find a young, reform minded, fiscal conservative in New York to run in the first place (three come to mind: Greg Ball, Marc Molinaro, and James Tedisco).  But is it just crazy enough to work?

UPDATE: This has nothing to do with Chuckles, but Oy Vey!

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