UFC93: Rich Franklin at the Crossroads

Rich Franklin is at a curious point in his career. He was the most dominate middleweight in the UFC, until he ran into some cat named Anderson Silva…twice. Now he’s giving light-heavyweight another shot and after a victory over Matt Hammil, will be facing Dan Henderson (another former middleweight and former champion) a week from today at UFC93.

He did an interview recently with Five Ounces of Pain to discuss where he sees the rest of his career headed:

“I remember before I ever had the title that it was the most important thing to me,” explained Franklin. “I wanted the title and I wanted to be the champion. Now that I have been a champion I want to be a champion again. As far as my fighting career goes, nothing would please me more than becoming a champion again.”

“On the flip side of that, if I was never a champion again I don’t think that I would be one of those guys that go into a severe depression or become an alcoholic for the rest of my life.”

Unlike some of the other top stars of a few years ago who have seen better days as of late (Chuck Liddell, Matt Hughes, Wanderlei Silva), Franklin still looks as good as he ever has. When you only have three losses in an eight year career – and two of them are against Anderson Silva – you’re still at the top of his game. And without their being one single dominate fighter in the 205 division, it’s a great place for him to be.

If/when he gets back Henderson, I’d have him avenge that the third loss against the undefeated Lyoto Machida. If he’s coming off of wins over Hendo and Hammil and hands Machida his first loss, that would easily put him in line for a title shot.

And Rich Franklin vs. any of the fighters who might have the title at that point would be a great fight.

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