Matt Serra vs. Matt Hughes on May 23

The Matt Serra vs. Matt Hughes grudge match has been postponed for a little over a year. They were supposed to fight for Serra’s welterweight title, but Serra got injured and Hughes wound up getting beat by Georges St. Pierre for the interim-title. Then Serra got beat by GSP for the real title. Then Matt Hughes got injured.

However, bearing any more sudden injuries, it looks like we’ll FINALLY be getting our fight in May. So sayeth Matt Hughes (with an h/t to…

“Just got a call from (UFC matchmaker) Joe Silva, and as of right now it looks like I’ll be fighting Matt Serra in Vegas on May 23rd,” Hughes stated. “This is not 100% confirmed, but I believe it is going to be on this date.”

I have to admit, for those of us in the Strong Island Top Team (i.e. my friends I watch the UFC with), this is the fight we’re looking the most forward to. It’s been decided that the Serra-Longo Fight Team are going to be our NY Yankees of mixed martial arts. So we’re all huge Matt Serra fans.

Conversely, like most fans, none of us can stand Matt Hughes (except for my friend’s fiancée who likes to start shit). One of my highlights of 2008, outside of watching my sister get married, was watching Hughes get beat and beat bad by Thiago Silva.

The UFC has managed to do it again, because we’re looking forward to a fight a few months down the road. 🙂

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