Shogun Rua’s UFC Debut, Take Two

Shogun Rua was considered by many to be the best light-heavyweight in the world, so it shocked a lot of people when his UFC debut ended with him tapping out to Forest Griffin. To add injury to insult, he had to pull out of a 2008 fight against Chuck Liddell because of a ruptured ACL.

Hopefully the third times a charm for Rua, as he’s set to fight UFC hall of famer Mark Coleman this Saturday at UFC93. Not that he’s looking past this 2006 rematch, but he’s still looking ahead to other things in the UFC:

“I think the goal of every fighter is to become champion. To be the best at what you do and to be the best right now, you have to be the UFC champion. The UFC is running great shows and to become the champion would be a great feeling but I have to take things step by step and right now all I’m thinking about is Mark Coleman.”

I’m curious to see how the Rua/Coleman fight turns out, particularly for Rua. PRIDE fighters don’t have the best track record in the UFC (see: Cro Cop, Mirko), and his debut against Forest was less than impressive. You wouldn’t expect the “top light-heavyweight in the world” to gas as easily and as early as he did.

A dominant performance against Coleman would set Shogun up against any of the other top light-heavyweights in the UFC. A less than dominant performance, or even a loss…it wouldn’t surprise me to see Dana White wishing him well in his future endeavors.

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