NY GOP: We’re Not Dead Yet!

It’s hard to be a Republican in New York. We’re not exactly what you would call a “purple state.” I mean, the GOP has got some game. We’re not Massachusetts (or California). However, we have seen better days.

On top of all this, we have a Democrat Governor who was never elected by the people (he was anointed after the elected Democrat Governor was caught with a prostitute) set to anoint a Democrat Socialite that was never elected by the people (and who 48% don’t think is qualified for the job), just because her Uncle is people who knows people and she’s, like, BFF’s with the President-Elect.

Or is he? Assembly Minority Leader James Tedisco (he’s one of us) has other ideas:

Republicans in New York’s Legislature are pushing for a special election to fill the expected vacancy in the U.S. Senate instead of allowing Democratic Gov. David Paterson to make a unilateral appointment through a secretive process. The efforts, however, are by traditionally powerless minority conferences of the Assembly and Senate and face a near impossible timetable to even get the bills to floor debates before Paterson chooses Hillary Rodham Clinton’s successor from a field of Democrats including Caroline Kennedy and Andrew Cuomo.

Assembly Minority Leader James Tedisco, a Schenectady Republican, noted specifically that Kennedy, the perceived front-runner, has no record in elected office and her positions on public policy are largely unknown. “We need an election, not a coronation, to ensure our next U.S. senator reflects the will of the people,” Tedisco said.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. With current senator Hillary Clinton set to say goodbye to her senate colleagues tomorrow, there’s no way they would get anything passed before Patterson makes his anointment. This is all aboot 2010 and a once in a lifetime opportunity for the great state of New York to elected a new Governor and TWO new Senators in the same year.

On top of that, the current governor and (soon to be) current junior senator have NEVER faced the voters before. Folks tend to take their ability to choose their leaders seriously…something the R’s will start reminding them with this legislation and continue to do so for the next two years.

On top of that, there’s Gov. Patterson and his plan to tax everything in sight, while INCREASING SPENDING even though he’s having trouble paying the bills as it is.

Then it’s just a matter of rolling out our all stars. Patterson vs. Rudy Giuliani. Caroline vs. Pete King. Chucky Schumer vs….James Tedisco? I’d even let Mayor Bloomberg coming crawling back, as rumor has it he’s looking to do…unless of course Steve Forbes is interested in being mayor. Let’s also get behind some of our younger leaders – like Greg Ball and Marcus Molinaro – and take back some of the congressional seats we’ve lost over the past few cycles.

2010 is do or die for the GOP. Let’s get to work!

UPDATE: And let’s not be Tennessee…

UPDATE DEUX: Not Caroline apparentlyHmmm….

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