Michael Bisping vs. Dan Henderson? Meh

With Dan Henderson’s split-decision victory over Rich Franklin, he’s now set to coach opposite Michael Bisping in the upcoming “Ultimate Fighters: USA vs. UK.” As is customary, the two coaches fight when the season is done and Henderson will be dropping back down to 185 for the fight with Bisping.

As I’ve been saying, I’m extremely underwhelmed by all of it. I hate the “USA vs. UK” idea, and while I like though of Bisping vs. middleweight champion Anderson Silva, a Henderson/Silva rematch (if Henderson defeat Bisping) isn’t really one I imagine any MMA fan is interested in. It also don’t make a lick of sense when the UFC just had Hendo move up to 205.

If anything, I think Franklin came out of UFC93 the real winner. It was a close split decision that some are calling controversial, so it won’t effect his standings all that much. Plus he can keep developing in the 205 division (Franklin vs. Wanderlei Silva would be interesting), while Henderson will be stuck in limbo for most of the year.

If it were me, I’d set the Bisping/Henderson fight at a 195 catch weight, with the winner getting a title shot in his respective division. Both fighters have fought at both 185 and 205, so 195 shouldn’t be that hard. Plus if Hendo beats Bisping, he’ll be 3-0 which makes him has much as a #1 contender in the uber-talented light heavyweight division as anyone else.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, as they say.

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