Say Good-bye to Sarah Palin

Last December 1st, I wrote a blog post called “Enough Sarah Palin Already.” I had figured that after a couple of interviews, she would go back to Alaska to decompress, and come back with a barn burner of a speech at CPAC 2009 next month. As for me, I don’t vote in Alaska and never thought she’d be running in 2012 (nor do I think Bobby Jindal will either), so I was ready for everyone to move on.

Instead, there have been interviews in magazines, TV interviews, interviews for a documentary, more infighting between the McCain and Palin camps, the media making a big deal out of nothing, Meghan McCain saying Sarah Palin is the only thing she won’t talk aboot, and so on.

As a matter of fact, had it not been for the Inauguration, I’m sure there would be a big to do over John McCain’s most recent less than ringing endorsement

McCain, on Fox News on Monday, said that he was “very proud” of Palin, whom he picked to be the GOP vice presidential nominee. Asked by Fox’s Sean Hannity if he spoke with Palin often, McCain said he did. Hannity later asked McCain if he thought she could be president one day. “Sure, sure,” McCain replied. “But I’d also like to point out that it’s very early in this whole season.”

McCain said he wouldn’t run again for president. He added that the party will have a “spirited” competition to decide its next presidential nominee, and that many governors aside from Palin could be in the running. He mentioned Govs. Bobby Jindal (La.), Jon Huntsman (Utah), Tim Pawlenty (Minn.) and Mark Sanford (S.C.) as leaders who will play an enhanced role in deciding the GOP’s direction.

While I think that Palin is and will be a strong and major leader in the party, I think that she’ll be ONE OF a number of strong leaders. That’s not a knock on her in any way, having more than one strong leader is a good thing, and quite frankly the way it should be.

And let me just add that, if she was purposely not invited to Obama’s big dinner for John McCain…I think that’s complete bull shit.

But with our new president and all the problems we are facing, can we please say goodbye to Sarah Palin? Not permanently, but at least for the time being?

As for any left over and/or behind the scenes beef on the part of John McCain, his family, or his campaign, two things…

1. There is no issue he can have with her that won’t make him be the one who looks bad. Even if it’s the worst case scenario and everything unbiased, impartial journalists like Keith Olbermann and the New York Times are 100% true…McCain is still the one who picked her.

2. Saying that McCain lost because of Palin is like saying Obama won because of the media. Each statement implies that McCain ran a good campaign…and he did nothing of the sort (and I say this as one of a few Republicans who actually like the guy).

P.S. Before I get pegged as an anti-Palin conservative, I think I’ve more than proven to be a fan.

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One thought on “Say Good-bye to Sarah Palin”

  1. It´s Ok that she wasn´t invited to the big wig McCain dinner because Palin and Tonya Harding will be painting eachothers toenails THAT night!

    Seriously, though, I heard the theme of the dinner for McCain is CHAMPIONS of BIPARTISANSHIP, maybe Palin´s divisiveness during the campaign caused some people to re-think her invite. She was his VP, seems like she SHOULD HAVE BEEN invited to the McCain thing, just for a full circle closure type thingy…but it was not to be.

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