Frank Mir Shoots on Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar’s debut UFC fight (and only his second professional fight) ended with him tapping out to a Frank Mir ankle lock. Since then he’s seemed to improve with each fight, with his mugging over Heath Herring and his title victory over former champ Randy Couture. There’s even talk of him training with Couture for his upcoming fight with Mir.

Mir however isn’t sweating it. I mean, how much can one guy improve in a couple of fights? So sayeth the current interim-champion…

“Lets look at Urijah Faber at his fourth or fifth fight. What was he compared to what he is now? If we go to Miguel Torres, if we go to St. Pierre, you can pick the best fighters in the world. How good are they on their fifth fight compared to how good they are now,” asked Mir. “We’re talking about world-class guys. We’re talking BJ Penn’s and stuff. Let’s be realistic – Matt Hughes. Come on. If Brock Lesnar is able to be a world-class mixed martial artist on his fifth fight, that means he’s the best mixed martial artist pound-for-pound that ever came into MMA. That’s a pretty steep statement there. We’re talking you’re up there with Anderson Silva and St. Pierre and Miguel Torres. That’s a pretty long, tall list to be on top of.”

If I did the math correctly, we’ll probably see Mir vs. Lesnar in Las Vegas on May 23rd. Timing wise it makes sense, and as a co-main event with the long awaited (at least by me) Matt Serra vs. Matt Hughes grudge match, it could be the makes of a sick fight card.

Otherwise, maybe the UFC could hold the fight for a debut in a new market. I hear Boston is in the works…

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