Republicans and Democrats: A Contrast

Some of my more jaded colleagues and cohorts hear that I’m into politics and will say things like “they’re all the same” and “there’s no difference between the Republicans and Democrat.” And while I emphasize with their jadedness on occasions, nothing can be further from the truth. With the Economy in the news as of late and the Fiscal Suicide Act of 2009 upon us, it’s good that people learn the difference.

For today’s example, we have Assemblyman Greg Ball (a Republican) and Congressman John Hall (a Democrat), both from the Hudson Valley region of the great state of New York.

Here’s what Assemblyman Greg Ball had to say recently aboot the economy:

Wake up Albany! My message to the Governor and the legislature is clear, we cannot tax our way out of this hole, and we must begin to grapple with this buckling economy immediately. We have one chance to crack the code and balance the budget, while reforming Albany. Let’s get to work immediately, save STAR, pass comprehensive school tax reform and spur economic development through lower taxes, not higher.

And here’s what Congressman John Hall had to say:

“A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.”

Any questions?

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