UFC 94: Predictions

Okay, it’s the biggest fight in UFC history…GEORGES ST. PIERRE VS. BJ PENN II! I know you’ve all be sitting at your computers and saying to yourself, “Self, I wonder what John’s predictions are. You know, since they usually suck.” Well the wait is over, because I am ready to predict.

In the main event, I think it’s going to be a war, and I can’t see either fighter being finished so I think it’s going to full five rounds. But in the end…Georges St. Pierre is leaving with the welterweight title. BJ Penn is one of the best, but I think GSP is that much better. Plus, I want the inevitable GSP vs. Anderson Silva fight.

I’ll take Thiago Silva over Lyoto Machida. Machida is one of my least favourite fighters, and while I’m not that familiar with Silva, he’s a former Chute Boxe fighter who now rolls with American Top Team. Silva stays undefeated, and quite possible earns a light heavyweight title shot.

Dong Hyun Kim will hopefully beat Karo Parisyan, just because Karo annoys the hell out of me.

Give me Clay Guida over Nate Diaz, just because Diaz REALLY annoys the hell out of me. The whole “I’m so hard cuz I’m from Stockton, yo” thing doesn’t impress me.

And finally, I like Stephan Bonner over Jon Jones because a) “American Psycho” is a sick nick name, and b) who the hell is Jon Jones.

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3 thoughts on “UFC 94: Predictions”

  1. GSP vs Silva this fight has to happen. Both are regarded as pound for pound tops in MMA. However I dont know why everyone has Silva on the top, he hasn’t fought very many tough guys….yes he beat Franklin twice but Franklins style doesnt match up very good against Silva. Silva did beat Henderson which gave me alot more respect for him, but look who GSP has beaten, it’s a whos who of the lighter weight divisions. Personally I think GSP is pound for poung number 1 and I definitley think he would beat Silva

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