UFC 94: St. Pierre vs. Penn – The Aftermath

Yeah, I know it’s a bit odd to write aboot the aftermath of a PPV four days before it happened, but that’s just how he role here at JBdotC. Besides, there is only one of two outcomes that can happen: either BJ Penn wins, or Georges St. Pierre wins.

Is GSP wins, the aftermath is simple. Both fighters will have the same title they entered the fight with, and will defend it accordingly. For GSP, that most likely means Thiago Alves. For BJ Penn, he has Kenny Florian waiting for him.

But what if BJ leaves as a dual-champion? All the rumors point to him defending his lightweight title first, which would mean a fight against Florian. However that leaves the welterweight division in limbo.

Alves had said he doesn’t want to wait around, and would be looking to fight. The rumor was he would fight Mike Swick and the winner would get the 170 title shot, but Swick had to go get himself injured.

If it were me, I’d set up Alves vs. Marcus “the Irish Hand Grenade” Davis. Davis has won eight of his last nine fights. Those eight wins include a mix of knockout of the nights, submission of the nights, and fight of the nights. The one loss…was to Mike Swick.

But that’s just me. How aboot you? If Penn wins both belts, who do you want to see next in line for either one of them?

UPDATE: GSP is winner, winner chicken dinner!

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3 thoughts on “UFC 94: St. Pierre vs. Penn – The Aftermath”

  1. Dude, I saw some of BJ Penn pulverizing some guy on Unleashed while I was at the gym. I think I might have even yelled stop the fight when he was so covered in blood I couldn’t make out his face anymore. I’ll be in Disney so I can’t see the fight but if I can find it on YouTube I’m sure Penn GSP II is going to be brutal

  2. There’s a simple answer to the question who we would like BJ to fight if he wins against GSP. The answer is he doesn’t stand a chance of winning so its kind of useless speculating

  3. GSP is a fighting machine, his dedication, his heart and pride in his heritage makes him the BEST lb for lb fighter…and he is not an egotistical man. He is a man ……a great role model and that fucker scares me….way to fo George there was never any doubt but your complete domination of BJ shows that a strong work ethic beats potty mouth any day! Scary…he gets better with every fight, did BJ aactually thik he could come in against GPS with questionable cardio? I guess its hard to run in silk pajamas. Stick to your weight class and go home and train! If you dont the end is near…you have been exposed my fellow combatant

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