UFC94: Georges St. Pierre Ready to Make History

Everyone who has a modicum of interest in mixed martial arts thinks that this weekends Georges St. Pierre vs. BJ Penn fight is going to make history. I think so. You think so. Georges St. Pierre thinks so too?

So sayeth Canada’s greatest export this side of Edge and Christian…

“I’m very glad to fight B.J. Penn. The reason is, right now, I have some challengers. Of course, Thiago Alves is the No. 1 guy right now. I have a lot of other guys in my weight class, but the guy everybody wants to see me fight is B.J. Penn. It’s a fight that’s going to make history. I’m sure B.J. is better than he used to be before, but I am a way, way, way more improved version than I used to be than when I fought B.J. the first time.”

I’m still going with Georges St. Pierre for the win, albeit by decision and with the caveat that I reserve the right to flip a coin up until Bruce Buffer makes the official introductions. It’s just that since the first fight vs. Penn, GSP has TORN THROUGH Matt Highes twice, Matt Serra the second time, Josh Koscheck, and Jon Fitch. Like, tore through to the point where I felt that fourth knee to Serra’s kidney.

Then again, Penn has done the same against Jens Pulver, Sean Sherk, and Joe Stevenson

Shit, now I can’t decide…

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