UFC94: BJ Penn “I’m going to kick his ass.”

BJ Penn has the chance to make history, or at least UFC history. While a fighter had simultaneously held two titles in two separate weight classes before, it’s yet to be done in the UFC. Penn can be the first if he manages to defeat Georges St. Pierre this Saturday night. You would think that would be his main focus, but surprisingly enough no.

So sayeth The Prodigy…

“[Holding two belts] is a very important accomplishment, but as of now all I’m thinking about is fighting St. Pierre and beating St. Pierre. If I was fighting a lesser opponent and I was going to have the same accomplishment, what would be the point? As far the techniques go, we’re two way different technical fighters. We’re going to find out on Jan. 31 where we match up in what areas. Besides that, I’m just pumped for that day. I’m going to kick his ass.”

This fight is still a tough go, and after watching “UFC PRIMETIME” last night I’m less confident aboot Georges St. Pierre winning than I was yesterday. I still think that, outside of a sudden knock out in the first minute or two, this fights going to another decision. I can’t see either of these fighters letting themself get finished.

I still reserve the right to whip out my limited edition 1d2 (a “two sided die” for you non D&D geeks) prior to the words “let’s get it on,” but for now I’m sticking with GSP.

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2 thoughts on “UFC94: BJ Penn “I’m going to kick his ass.””

  1. Gotta go against you here – BJ Penn finally seems focused and less aloof than he has in the past. I see GSP trying something stupid, BJ Penn contorting like Gumby, and Penn getting the submission. My biggest hope is for Rogan to go back to the “This is the best BJ we’ve witnessed in a long time…” quotes.

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