Mitt Romney Sucks

No, my man Mitt most definitely does not suck. But since I already used “Mitt Romney Announces His Run for Presidency” as a headline, “Mitt Romney Sucks” is next line for my “bait and switch” series. Yeah, I can be a dick like that. 🙂

Actually, the one aboot Mitt announcing his run for President would have been more apropos here. Apparently, while the RNC was busy electing Michael Steele to be the new chairman, the House GOP held their annual retreat, and one of the featuring speakers? You guessed it, the man himself, Mitt Romney.

Here’s a little of what he had to say:

A few months have passed since the election. It’s enough time to consider the outcome and take stock of our party’s future. I want to make clear that I’m optimistic: our ideas are good, our agenda will make America stronger, and your action this week showed that we have the kind of leaders who will stand up for what they believe in. I have often been asked what I think the Republican Party must do to recover. What I’ve said is this: My first concern isn’t about our party-it’s about our country.

In fact, the two are closely related. The best way for us to advance the prospects of our party is to do what we know is right for the country. This is what the American people expect of us. And that’s what we should expect of ourselves. This is a time of hardship and uncertainty for millions of Americans. The question is: whose leadership and ideas will turn things around. And in such a moment, it’s our job to offer the clear answers, the proven solutions, and resolute leadership that will make this country strong again.

The bulk of the speech was the usual right-wing talking points on how to fix the economy, not to mention his way of reminding people who will be endorsing a Republican candidate in 2012 that, in this economic turmoil, he’s the one with the background in economic, turning around business, and all other things having to do with that dolla’ dolla’ bill.

I suspect this won’t be the last time he’ll be address in the House Republicans. The question on my mind is, who is going to take a shot at the other person first: Mitt Romney, or Sarah Palin?

UPDATE: Romney, though this was more a joke:

“It was rumored that Gov. Palin was offered $11 million by a publisher for her book. My publisher has also talked about $11 million, but I couldn’t round up that amount of money to pay it.”

The book in question will be on the policy challenges that America faces.

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