Georges St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva

With Georges St. Pierre victorious and BJ Penn mulling retirement (which is funny, since Penn had called GSP a quitter), most MMA geeks attention has moved on to the next potential megafight…GSP vs. Anderson Silva. Fans want to know who is the pound for pound best, and top of that list is UFC President and my personal hero Dana White.

He just doesn’t want to see it right now. Thiago Alves is next for St. Pierre. But White did weigh in on who he thinks is the best…

“I still wouldn’t call (St. Pierre) pound-for pound the best in the world. But I would say, yea, he’s No. 2. No doubt about it. Anderson Silva has been annihilating everybody for a long time. Georges has some work to do now. If Georges takes out Thiago Alves, he’s on his way. The pound-for-pound to me, I would say Georges St. Pierre would be neck-and-neck with Anderson had he not lost to Matt Serra.”

I have to defer to Mr. President here. Silva has annihilated everyone in his path, and while GSP got revenge against Serra (and twice against Matt Hughes, his other loss), they’re still there.

I would assume the fight would be at 185. I can’t imagine Silva being able to cut weight for a catch weight, and I believe GSP walks around at 190 or so. My guess? Georges St. Pierre gets past Alves and Anderson Silva beats whoever his next victim is, and we get our megafight in December.

Pick a winner? I had a hard enough time choosing between GSP and BJ. 🙂

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One thought on “Georges St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva”

  1. I have to agree with you on this one. I’m projecting December as well. Anderson Silva doesn’t plan on continuing to fight in the light heavy weight section because he was quoted that it already belongs to Lyoto Machida, his partner in camp. They will never fight against each other. I guess Silva was testing the waters there a little bit to get a feel for it. Maybe a Silva Rashad Evans in the future or something but he’s not going to spend to much time in that arena.

    The Spider is at his prime and unstoppable now so it only logically makes sense that Silva should be matched with the next best thing who is the best pound for pound fighter- GSP

    Their weight class is definitely tangible and now its looking more like a possibility since Dana White is planning to host a huge event in Toronto late this year or early next year. The last time they held an event in Canada all tickets were sold out and it was highly profitable for UFC. If that happens we all know GSP, the Canadian poster boy is going to be on the fight card and Dana is going to take advantage of this and go all out meaning he’ll probably fight Silva.

    good post though

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