Dana White, GSP, and a Jar of Vaseline

It sounds like the title of some lonely 40 year old housewife’s slash fantasy, but apparently there is much ballyhoo over the BJ Penn/Georges St. Pierre fight and a jar of Vaseline.

I didn’t notice it while watching the fight myself, but apparently there were two instances inbetween rounds where GSP’s corner man, after rubbing Vaseline on his face (legal) rubbed a little on his back (very NOT legal). The second time it happened, a representative from the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) went apeshit, wiping it off of St. Pierre’s back and yelling at his corner.

Was it intentional? Was it unintentional? Is it the only reason GSP won the fight? Dana White, UFC president and my own personal Jesus, ain’t having none of it…

“I think that using grease or Vaseline is completely illegal, but in this case I don’t think it made a difference in that fight,” White began to say on the air. “I know Georges St. Pierre. He’s not a cheater. He wanted this fight so bad to prove that he was the best fighter in the world. He completely dominated that fight. It had nothing to do with grease… The athletic commission is looking into it. You can not rub grease on any part of the body besides the face. [The Nevada States Athletic Commission] took all our camera work from all the different angles and is looking into it. This is the case of a stupid cornerman. The cornerman did it and he is going to be held accountable for it… Anything can happen to his cornerman – everything from a fine to never being able to work in the corner again.”

I guess we’ll see what the NSAC says. White’s position of this is understandably zero tolerance. The UFC, and MMA as a whole, is still looking for mainstream acceptance and shaking there stereotype from some that the sport is nothing more than an off-shoot of professional wrestling. Anything that calls the legitimacy of a fight into question, Dana’s got to – if you’ll excuse the expression – lay the smackdown.

To me, it sounds innocent enough, but I guess we shall see.

UPDATE: Okay then…

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