Strikeforce! Strike Hard! No Mercy!

The UFC may be getting some competition and I may be getting my Gina Carano back!

Remember the EliteXC? Honestly, I barely do myself. But they were a MMA organization that had run a few shows on Showtime and CBS, but went out of business once it was revealed that their top fighter and meal ticket Kimbo Slice kinda sucked when he had the least bit of competition. Well, that and it was a poorly run company.

However they did have a decent stable of fighters, including Frank Shamrock, Nick Diaz, Robbie Lawler, Jake Shields, and of course the oh-so-sexy Gina Carano. There was talk of a few of them heading over to the UFC, but all of the EliteXC assets (along with fighter contracts) has been purchased by Strikeforce.

Strikeforce is a California based country that has been running kickboxing shows since the mid-nineties, and started promoting mixed martial arts in 2006. Unlike a lot of the other MMA start ups (EliteXC, IFL, Affliction), they a) know what they’re doing, and b) aren’t just marks for money. It’s an actual fight company.

This could prove to be interesting because competition is a good thing, and while none of these fighters are really UFC caliber, have another viable organization would be excellent for the sport.

Plus, as I’ve said, we get to see Gina Carano fight again!

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