Matt Serra and His Boyz

Those of us who are pro-Matt Serra, anti-Matt Hughes have been waiting for the two of them to fight for aboot a year and a half now. We’ll FINALLY get to see the two of them throw down on May 23, as part of a co-main event opposite the big heavyweight title unification bout between Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir.

After that, and after Serra (hopefully) puts the ol’ 516 stomp on Hughes, he seems more concerned aboot his student’s future than he does his own…

“We’ve definitely got some tough up and coming fighters appearing on local shows that you’ll be hearing a lot more about in the upcoming months. “I have a lot of young guys that are fighting on Lou Neglia’s (Ring of Combat) Show at the Tropicana on February 20.

“Other than that, I believe (Pete) Sell’s fighting Matt Brown (at UFC 96 on March 7 in Columbus, Ohio). It’s definitely an awesome match-up and I’m excited for ‘Drago’ for that. The team’s never looked better – everybody is just growing and we’ve got the next generation of fighters coming up, and it’s really exciting.”

“Definitely keep an eye out on the team; we’re going to make big waves this year.”

I had often felt this aboot Serra, that his stint on “Ultimate Fighter 4” was more to publicize his school than it was for him. Winning TUF4, and eventually shocking the world by winning the welterweight title, wasn’t really part of his plan…though I’m sure it was a welcome turn of events.

Like I’ve said, my crue and I have decided Serra-Longo are out NY Yankees of MMA, so we’re all really interest to see what this year brings them. They’ve got this cat named Costa Phillippou that is ready to break out big time at 205.

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