Diego Sanchez vs. The World

Next Saturday marks Diego Sanchez’s first fight in the lightweight division. He won the first “Ultimate Fighter” at 185, dropped down to 170 for a few years, and now he’s going to see how 155 works out for him. His first opponent is “Ultimate Fighter” season two winner Joe Stevenson.

Sanchez however, had a loftier goal for his first lightweight fight. As he told MMAWeekly Radio

“I asked for Kenny Florian right out of the gate. They gave me Joe Stevenson, but it’s all good. I can consider it a better fight beating Joe Stevenson. It’s the Ultimate Fighter winner, the original Ultimate Fighter winner season 1 versus season 2 Ultimate Fighter winner. We go back to King of the Cage days together and it’s a great fight for me, I’m excited.

“He has great Muay Thai, but when it comes down to our fight, it’s the same fight. I’m not going to fight a counter fighter like Kenny Florian the way Roger Huerta fought Kenny Florian. You’ve got to be smart. Same way I fought him the first time. You wait and it’s going to present itself, and that fight is just a good fight.”

Besides Kenny Florian, he already has his sights set on former champ Sean Sherk and current titleholder BJ Penn as well. I say, slow your role there Slappy. Fighters don’t always do well in their first fight at a major weight cut. They under estimate how the de-hydration is going to effect them, and when you consider that Diego generally walks around at 190…that’s a lot to de-hydrate.

However if he just get past Joe Daddy, and does so in convincing fashion, I can definitely see his next opponent being Sean Sherk.

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