UFC95 Predictions

The UFC returns to London, England this Saturday, just as I return today to try an impress you with my UFC predictions that lately barely have a 60% rate of accuracy. Regardless, strap yourself in as I wrap my legs around your torso and give to ya, give it ya, give it to ya!


In the main event, it’s a tough call because it’s Diego Sanchez’s first fight at 155 and he’s going to have cut A LOT of weight to get there. But in the end, I still see him getting past Joe Stevenson, in what will probably be a decision.

I see Demian Maia leaving UFC95 with his undefeated streak in tact and a victory over Chael Sonnen. Maia’s next fight will be interesting because, as sick as his jitz is, he still needs a win over a more high profile opponent before a title shot against Anderson Silva.

Maybe he can take on Nate “the Great” Marquardt after he defeats Wilson Gouveia. By the way, I see Nate “the Great” Marquardt defeating Wilson Gouveia.

Josh Koscheck vs. the undefeated Paulo Thiago is a tough call, because I don’t like Koscheck and don’t know anything aboot Thiago. As far as I can tell, this will me Thiago first ever fight outside of Brazil, let alone his first fight in the UFC. There isn’t even a picture of him. I’m going to go with Thiago in an upset, but reserve the right to change my mind before the fight starts.

Finally, give me Rory Markham over Dan Hardy.

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