2012 Watch: Jindalmania?

I don’t mean to make it sound like I’m all over Bobby Jindal’s shit lately, since I know this is the third blog post I’ve written aboot him in two weeks, but there’s A LOT of interesting stories coming out aboot him lately.

First you had him announced to be giving the GOP response to the President Obama’s speech next week. Then you had him saying that his state might not take all of the crap sandwich bailout money.

Then there’s this story aboot the mad money Gov. Jindal has raised in only his first year in office, a total of $3.5 million in 2008 from more than 2,100 donors over the past year, with $3.38 million left in the bank and more than two years remaining before he stands for reelection in 2011. I’ve been saying that I didn’t see him running for President in 2012 and Chris Cilliza, the political junkie we all hope to grow up to be, agrees.


Does Jindal’s $3.5 million take in 2008 mean that he can raise those huge sums in a few years time? No. But, it does indicate a significant level of excitement for him among donors in Louisiana and nationally, an excitement likely to increase after he gives the Republican response to Obama’s Congressional address next Tuesday.

“Leading into Jindal’s [State of the Union] response, these numbers show his already huge appeal to Republicans in Louisiana and nationally,” said Phil Musser, a Republican consultant and former executive director of the Republican Governors Association. “They also show he’s got a solid, disciplined staff in place and is committed to — and is executing — a strategy to organize and monetize that interest.”

Jindal has played coy to date on a 2012 race, insisting that he is focused on winning re-election in 2011. We believe him. But, assuming he wins that race — and wins it easily — he will have to look seriously at whether or not a national bid makes sense. That decision is still a ways off (and budgetary struggles in Louisiana could complicate his glide path) but with his moves over the first few months of 2009, Jindal is putting himself in a place where he will make a decision on a presidential run from a position of strength rather than one of weakness.

If you’ll allow a football analogy, Bobby Jindal is like a first round college Quarterback choosing between finishing his senior year of college, and making the jump to the NFL. Sarah Palin was in the same position, and some argue she made the wrong decision in hitting the national stage too fast and too early. If nothing else, I think that might be what gives Jindal pause aboot 2012. Better to run as a successful two-term Governor, as opposed to announcing your candidacy right after the people of your state elected you to that second term.

All that being said, the response + the bailout + the excitement and fundraising = Jindal-Sanford ’12?  Hey, if it would piss off this asshole…

UPDATE: Awe-s0me…

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2 thoughts on “2012 Watch: Jindalmania?”

  1. The fact that Jindal was so quickly put up as the respnse to SOU makes me think that our old white men in suits party grabbed at him because they did NOT want to have to be faced with Sarah Palin in their political future. I recall back when that in the repub response to another SOU Steve Largent and a female congressman were assigned the duties of rebuttal. Somehow I envisioned that happening this time and to pick one of the two front repub buzz people over another when they didn’t need to shows a wilingness to wrestle for power over uniting the party. We are deep enough already, we need to unite and use all of our resources to advance the party, not split it.

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