Obama to Hollywood: Help Me

I was watching the news yesterday morning and to my surprise, they were talking aboot the “stimulus” plan. [Liberal Commentator X] was towing the party line that, the reason things went sour, was all because of Rush Limbaugh.

You know the game, people who opposed the crap sandwich had a different opinion than liberals, and if you ever have a different opinion than a liberal it’s because you’re too stupid to know any better and are easily led by Rush Limbaugh.

Never mind the fact that THEY WON and got the massive spending bill they wanted. Never mind the fact that Rush is only an entertainer and most R’s had an issue with Nance Pelosi and David Obey – ACTUAL ELECTED OFFICIALS. The D’s didn’t get everything they wanted exactly how they wanted it, and it’s because we’re all easily led by a celebrity and think what ever he tells us to.

That’s why I find this next bit from the Wall Street Journal particularly amusing…

President Barack Obama had to deal with cracks about his celebrity status during the campaign. Now, he may be turning back to Hollywood to sell his ambitious new foreclosure plan. Administration officials briefing congressional staff on Wednesday morning let slip that they may use “well-known celebrities” to market the multi-billion dollar plan to the public.

Employing Tinseltown’s most well-known faces could help sway voters who are increasingly skeptical of the government’s role in trying to save the faltering economy and stabilize the financial system. Officials didn’t disclose which celebrities were being considered as pitchmen and whether it would include any fee paid for by taxpayers.

I can’t even find the words.

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One thought on “Obama to Hollywood: Help Me”

  1. Hollywood today condemned the way Hollywood past made propaganda films and news spots defending the second World War, as if it was being “used” to tow the government line. That is why the anti-war nuts running Hollywood today did everything they could to derail the efforts of Pres Bush. It not only emboldened our enemies, it convinced many in America and others around the world that it was the US that was murdering thousands of Iraqis, not the terrorists. Hollywood doesn’t just make films, they want to be the ones, and is successful at, turning public opinion by using their own brand of propaganda to tow the line for the Democrats. It isn’t just about war and peace, but for absolutely everything and anything the leftists that took over the Democratic Party spew forth. The cold war never ended, the Communists just went under cover and to Hollywood.

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