The House GOP has Their Mind on Your Money

A few days ago I mentioned the balance that Republicans need to strike between saying no to an agenda they feel is harmful to the future of America, and simply being the “Party of No.” My feeling is that if we’re on the side of fiscal responsibility (yes, contrary to the Bush years) we’re on the right side.

And while many in the media disagree with me and think anytime a Republican speaks out against Dear Leader they should be run out of the country, I think most Americans in the middle (which are most Americans) would like to see their government on the same budget they themselves are on.

So there are little things Republicans, particularly in the House, can do to reach out to those people. Republican Whip and conservative muse Eric Cantor held an “economic roundtable” in NYC a few days ago, which is a great idea but I’d like to see it expanded to more of a “town hall” setting across the states. Then there’s this, the House GOP as a fiscal watchdog group?

House Republicans are setting up “a stimulus-watch program” that will allow watchdog groups and private citizens to report findings as contractors and agencies start spending billions of dollars on roads, schools, renewable energy projects and other initiatives, said House GOP Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia.

“We’ll be taking a look in detail” and “really providing accountability and transparency,” Cantor said in an interview Wednesday.

House Minority Leader John Boehner of Ohio said in a statement: “House Republicans are concerned about the potential for abuse of taxpayer funds in the massive trillion-dollar spending bill that the president signed into law this week…We will remain vigilant in our oversight efforts.”

I like this, fun there’s a fine line to not cross. Nitpicking over the nickel and dime stuff will be cute for talk radio, but it runs the risk of getting old quick. I’d rather them focus on the big things like the money not going where it was supposed to, be using for what it was supposed to be used for, or some of the “healthcare provisions” that the Democrat party snuck into the bill to avoid a debate aboot rationing health care (which as per Tom Daschle’s “Critical,” is part of the strategy to bring socialized medicine to the U.S.).

I’d also like to see would be the House GOP to provide the transparency and “sunlight” that Senator Obama promised during his campaign, yet seems to have broken that promise to the American people with any piece of legislation he’s signed so far as President. Point of fact, since Obama is no different that George Bush and signs executive orders when people aren’t looking, signed one that says all “stimulus” jobs have to go to the heads of the Democrat Party unions.

That means the alleged 3.5 million jobs become 3.5 million pay checks union bosses can take money out of; keep some for themselves, and kick some back to the Democrat Party in the way of PAC money and campaign contributions…and all this using your tax dollars, which we have to borrow from China in the first place. I’m just saying.

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2 thoughts on “The House GOP has Their Mind on Your Money”

  1. I’m a middle of the road guy – have worked for democratic candidates, and have voted for both over the years. I think the time has come to replace everyone in the House and Senate and get people in there who are not “lifers”.. on the government payroll for 20 years of your life? Timnes up, go home. And no, you can’t take a job that gives you a car and pretends you do real work.. Help people who need help, even those who made bad decisions financially; but don’t bail them out at everyone else’s expense.. give them a hand for a while, but not forever. I sold my house and cut my expenses so i wouldn’t have a foreclosure.. so now that I’m a renter, MY taxes have to go up to keep someone else in their house who didn’t have the foresight to save themselves? No way. I’m going to the tea party in Chicago this summer!

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