Everyone Loves Jindal

Another Bobby Jindal blog post and I’m bound start getting comments saying, “You’ve got a crush on him! You love him! You wanna have like 10,000 of his babies!” But hey, the cat’s in the news and hitting all the right chords that makes me and the rest of you eCon’s swoon, so get off my case, all right there? Actually, this is less a blog post “aboot Bobby Jindal” as much as it is a follow up from last week.

My man Bobby, the Ghost of Reagan Future, said that he might not take all of the bailout money that the Obama Administration was borrowing from China and saddling your grandkids with massive debt to give him. He wanted to read through it line by line to make sure every dollar was beneficial to the people of Louisiana, had no strings attached…you know, the things some might consider to be “fiscally responsible.”

It appears the Governor is putting your money (that the Obama Administration is borrowing from China and saddling your grandkids with massive debt) where his mouth is

“Increasing taxes on our Louisiana businesses is certainly not a way to stimulate our economy. It would be the exact wrong thing we could do to encourage further growth and job creation,” said Mr. Jindal, although the Louisiana legislature could override his decision.

He said accepting the money would have required a change in state law and, after federal money runs out in three years, would have led to a $12 million increase in taxes on his state’s businesses to keep funding the benefit. He also warned other states against the program.

“I strongly suggest that other states also look closely at this provision in the bill so they can also avoid ultimately passing on a significant tax to businesses that will be left paying for this expansion of benefits when the federal money dries up,” he said.

The Governors of Alaska and South Carolina are considering similar options, and I think it’s a smart idea. There are a lot of us who think the “stimulus” plan is a giant crap sandwich, but it’s was still signed in to law. If Gov. Jindal rejected the money outright, the people of Louisiana would still be paying for it, but the aide would be going to neighboring states.

Not to mention, the only people Bobby Jindal owes any explanation to is the people of Louisiana. He’s the one who has to make the case as to why he’s agree to take some money and not the rest of it, and why he feels his decisions are the most beneficial to his state.

This move to only take some of the money, and potentially turn down more of it, makes his response to the President’s speech Tuesday night a lot more interesting.

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