Remembering the Music: Bon Jovi

Where we take a break from the politics and just remember the music…

When my twelfth birthday came around, I was the only one of my friends who didn’t have a stereo. I wasn’t really that “into” music at the time. I owned a copy of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” like everyone else in the 80’s, but outside of Van Halen and Weird Al, I didn’t really have that extensive of a music library. So says to my mom, I said “Hey mom, how about a stereo for my birthday?”

This was also around the time when CD players came out, and my mom, being the oh so cool lady that she is, figured that since I’m going to be bugging her for a CD player soon anyway, she was just going to get me one of those. This was going to be awesome! I was going to be the first out of any of my friends to have a CD player!

However in my excitement of being the first of any of my friends to have a CD player, I never thought to ask for any CD’s. Luckily, mom though ahead and got me covered. When she was the Sears buying my CD player, she bought a CD. And while I can’t remember if it was because it was number one that week or if the clerk had recommended it, I do remember that on that day I decided it was my new favourite band, and to this day still is.

The CD was Bon Jovi’s “Slippery When Wet.”

What’s funny here is that I had heard one of the songs on the radio…but thought it was Ozzy Osbourne because I know he had a song called “Shot in the Dark,” and confused it with “shot through the heart….” So yes, there was a point in my life where I confused Ozzy Osbourne for Jon Bon Jovi. I try not to tell that many people. 🙂

But yeah, when they refer to music being the “soundtrack of your life,” for me that’s Bon Jovi. Whenever he or Richie Sambora give an interview saying how they, “…decided to write songs that tell the stories of our fans,” I was the guy they were talking aboot. Well, me and aboot a hundred million other people, but you get the point.

I can trace most of my life through the Bon Jovi song I was listening to at the time. I have an entire relationship essentially symbolized by the album “Crush.” Bringing different dates to different concerts, being in the front row when they played in Time Square for the 1995 MTV VMA’s (just because I happened to be staying at the hotel across the street), heartaches, heart breaks, births, friends, life and death and being mocked by my friends for being such a huge fan…Bon Jovi has been there the whole time.

And the highlight for me was last year, when I got to see them at Madison Square Garden. There were these two teenage girls to the right of us, maybe a few rows down. I guess they were there with one of their mothers or something. They leapt out of their seat when the band played “(You Want to) Make a Memory,” and to see the excitement in their faces over the bands new song – the same excitement I felt when I first heard “Wanted Dead or Alive” or “Raise Your Hands” twenty-one years earlier – at first it made me feel old, but then I realized there’s going to be an entire new generation of fans who will learn what the rest of us have known for the past twenty-five years…

Bon Jovi rocks!

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