[VIDEO]: Bobby Jindal’s Big Night

You’ve gotta crush on him! You love him! You wanna have like 10,000 of his babies!

Tuesday night is Gov. Bobby Jindal’s big night. While most of you reading this blog right now already know and/or adore him, for most of America who don’t follow the politics as closely, their introduction to Jindal will be in response to Dear Leader’s speech to a joint session of Congress. No pressure, okay Big Guy?

There are two key questions: what will he say, and how will he, for lack of a better term, “perform?” We may have gotten a glimpse of what we might see as Gov. Jindal left the White House Monday afternoon.

I think Allahpundit summed it up perfectly

Jindal sounds poised, informed, and reasonable while eviscerating the Porkulus bill. Instead of working explicitly from a philosophical point of view, he rattles off the facts of Porkulus to establish the basis for his fiscal conservatism. In doing so, Jindal enjoys much more credibility as a critic of Obama’s economic plans – and forces Obama to defend his plans on the specifics rather than Chicken Little diatribes.

That’s not to say he can’t still have an off night. As Politico pointed out, he wouldn’t be the first to “choke” in a response to the President’s address…

Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine was widely panned for his performance in 2006, and Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius drew mixed reviews for her State of the Union response in 2008. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were mocked outright after they gave an uncomfortable, stilted response to Bush’s energetic speech in 2005.

I will say that if he performs more along the lines of what Allah described, with all eyes on him in response to President Obama, it’s going to be real difficult to take him seriously when he says he isn’t considering a run in 2012.

I still think 2016 would be a better year for him, but Jindal/Sanford ’12 is might tasty.


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