Diego Sanchez: The Return of the Nightmare?

Diego Sanchez had a pretty decisive win over Joe Stevenson last Saturday night. It was his first fight at 155 (he started as a middleweight at 185), and there were more than view things written proclaiming that “the Nightmare was back.” Did “the Nightmare” ever go anywhere in the first place?

He’s had all of two losses in his career. A split decision against Jon Fitch is nothing to be ashamed aboot, and I always pegged his loss to Josh Koschek as more of a strategic era then it was being “out fought.” He seemed way too eager to impress us with the boxing he learned from Oscar de la Hoya instead of taking Kos down and pounding the shit out of him.

So yeah, I don’t think Diego Sanchez has ever “gone away,” though this win at light heavyweight does present a new path for him, and I say the next stop should be Sean Sherk.

The two current rumoured lightweight fights are Sherk vs. Frankie Edgar in May, then the long awaited BJ Penn vs. Kenny Florian fight in June. Unless the contracts have been signed, I say scrap Edgar and make it Sherk vs. Sanchez with the winner fighting the winner of Penn/Florian.

Diego has already beat Joe Stevenson, so any other lightweight other than Sherk/Penn/Florian would be a step down. And no offense to Frankie Edgar, but I think Sanchez vs. Sherk were be a more exciting fight for anyone involved, most importantly us the fans.

Though, Roger Huerta does have one other fight left on his contract. Sanchez vs. Huerta?


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