Leave Carly Fiorina Alone

I mentioned yesterday aboot declaring mob rule as far as the Republican Party goes, and letting the state parties decide for themselves how best to be a Republican in their state and win. So I don’t really care all that much aboot the California Senate race, outside of that I think this plays to a bigger problem we have.

There have been rumors that Carly Fiorina (former HP CEO and McCain Adviser) was considering a run for US Senate. Conservatives have decided their candidate to be Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, and launched an anti-Fiorina site attacking her for anything they can think, least of all not being a “real” conservative. (The site was down when I posted this, so I didn’t include the link).

I have a serious issue with these “anonymous sites” attacking fellow Republicans for not drinking the full glass of conservative Kool-aid, a sentiment echoed recently by Jim Geraghty

Women who become CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are pretty rare, and those who voluntarily want to become public advocates for the GOP and its agenda are rarer still. Maybe she isn’t the best GOP candidate for the Senate in California in 2010; that’s a decision for that state’s Republicans. But are we really supposed to say “hooray” to an anonymous site that lays out all of her flaws, including generic anti-Republican tropes like “she doesn’t stand up for teachers and students” and “she has no history of fighting for the workers of our state”? What, is somebody cut-and-pasting from the DNC these days?

The site laments that “Carly Fiorina has no history as a conservative warrior.” Indeed, and conservative warriors are generally preferable. But must every GOP candidate for every office have spent their careers in the political arena? Doesn’t useful governing experience comes in all sorts of forms, including outside the political realm?

I think we need to all refresh our memory on Ronald Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment, “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican,” and while he was speaking specifically aboot personal attacks, leaving attacks on policy matters open to debate, I’m sure we can all agree that Reagan wouldn’t have tolerated people anonymously attacking fellow R’s from the behind the safety of their keyboard. If the former President had more of a potty mouth, I’m sure he would have said, “Nut up or shut up.”

And while I realize lots of people have beef with her from when she was at Hewlett Packard, she was also the only McCain adviser next to Mitt Romney who made a lick of sense when talking aboot the economy.


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