The Republican Comeback Begins…in New York?

Michael Steele, on the day he was elected head of the Republican National Committee (RNC), immediately started talking aboot rebuilding and the very first region mentioned was the Northeast. I believe his exact quote was, “To my friends in the Northeast, get ready baby.”Well, as a Republican from the Northeast, to my friend in Washington D.C., “Do I need to wear pants?”

But seriously folks, while the Republican Party has seen better days in the region and most Young Republicans gather in a basement somewhere like an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting, it would appear the Northeast might be fertile ground for at least the beginnings of a comeback. Stu Rothenberg, author of the “Rothenberg Political Report” and a cat you seems to have an idea what he’s talking aboot, see’s a few ways we can pick up some seats, and areas we can pick them up in.

The whole article is well worth a read, but I’ll just reference the part aboot New York since, well, that’s where I’m from…

In New York, Republican Jim Tedisco is favored to win appointed Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s (D) open Congressional seat, adding to the GOP ranks in the state. Businessman Richard Hanna (R) came within an eyelash of upsetting Rep. Michael Arcuri (D) in November, and Republicans are certain to make another run at the two-term Democrat next year.

Assemblyman Greg Ball (R) is entering the race in New York’s 19th district (which stretches from Westchester almost to Poughkeepsie), giving the party a credible nominee against two-term Rep. John Hall (D) in a GOP-leaning district, and if the party can recruit a strong challenger to Rep. Eric Massa in the 29th district, the freshman Democrat could have major problems.

In statewide contests, Gillibrand could face a nasty Senate primary, as could Gov. David Paterson (D), giving Republicans two opportunities. The Democratic nominees would be favored in both races, but a strong GOP bid in either contest would boost party morale, helping further recruitment down the road and down the ballot.

Rothenberg also highlight areas in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Jersey, and even New Hampshire. So while it’s tough, it’s not dire.

At least, no more than any other time we’ve been lectured aboot the dire straits the Republican Party was in.

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