Don’t Forget Romney

The Conservative Public Action Conference (CPAC) is currently underway, and while some of us are stuck at our day jobs, the rest of the conservative world has transcended on Washington D.C. to discuss all sorts of ill conservative schtuff.

The highlight, beside El Rushbo throwing chunks of raw meat at an already ravenous crowd (he might even throw the whole bovine), is the “straw poll” to see who da’ base likes for our next presidential candidate.

It’s funny, because while most attention has been focused on cats like Sarah Palin and especially Bobby Jindal as of late, there is another perennial 2012 candidate flying under most radar’s…Mitt Romney. CPAC and Mitt have also been synomous for the past few tears. 2007 was considered his “coming out party” and he ended his presidential run their in 2008. In both years, he won the straw poll.

As much as I’m tired of the phrase “uniquely qualified,” it’s apropos for the 2008 candidate many of us wish we supported

He is especially well-poised to speak with authority given that the economy is, and will continue to be for some time, the foremost issue for Americans. Unlike McCain, who never sounded comfortable discussing the intricacies of the economic collapse, Romney is regarded as an expert on financial matters, given his private-sector experience. If the economy is still lagging in a few years, Obama – and Obama alone – will own the recession, and Romney will be well-positioned to convince Americans that he is the man for the job.

Romney also acquired the name recognition and stature to hit the campaign trail running. Barbara Comstock, who is running for a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates (another bid that Romney is assisting) and was one of Romney’s senior campaign advisers, said, “As the economic crisis deepens, Mitt Romney is the first name on everyone’s list when someone asks for expertise on the economy, on the markets, on the auto bailout or on innovative health care solutions. In a nation longing for a turnaround, the man known for turnarounds finds his stock growing.”

It’s funny. As frightening as Dear Leader’s current agenda is and appears to be going, right now is actually an exciting time to be a conservative. There’s something aboot being in the minority that helps you focus and makes you work harder, and also try out new ideas or new leaders. So one week we all rally behind Bobby Jindal, the next Sarah Palin, maybe give Mark Sanford a try, toss around Tim Pawlenty, and even consider cats like Paul Ryan, Aaron Shock, Eric Cantor, Josh Lewis, etc.  Contrary to what the Democrat Activists in the media want you to believe, we have a wealth of future leaders ready to step up.

I think in the end though, you just have to stick with what you know. Right now, and going forward into 2012, I think that’s going to be Mitt Romney.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Romney”

  1. As much as I think Romney would be the best guy to deal with the economy, now (despite having zero interest in him in 2008), I just don’t think he’d be able to win an election. I can’t quite figure out why but there’s just something people can’t get on board with.

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