Olbermann is the Defacto Leader of the Democrat Party

Just a quick moment for us. Rush Limbaugh gave his first ever national address Saturday afternoon, and it so upset the Democrat Party the way Rush said he “wants this country to succeed,” that they’ve taken to the airwaves and taken his speech out of context because the words “President” and “fail” were in the same sentence.

And the MSM, ironically enough behaving exactly how Limbaugh said they were going to in his speech, had their marching orders to question every Republican on what Rush had to say.

You know, the same way they took the Democrats to task for the past eight years when one of them said they wanted the Bush Administration to fail…I kid, I kid.

Here’s what I’m wondering, prominent voice of the Democrat party Keith Olbermann was on MSNBC last week stating how black Republicans were self loathing and suffered from Stockholm Syndrome. Is President Obama going to be questioned if the official Obama position is the same as Olbermann?

Will President Obama call on MSNBC to fire him for these racist comments, the same way Senator Obama called on MSNBC to fire Don Imus?

Why are Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid scared to denounce Olbermann’s comments? Or any other comment he’s made on A FREAKIN’ NEWS CHANNEL AS A PAID EMPLOYEE OF A FREAKIN’ NEWS NETWORK?

Keith Olbermann is the defacto leader of the Democrat Party.

(As a disclaimer, I didn’t actually watch the episode where Keith said this and I might be taking him out of context. But I did see something on the Internet, and since I’m trying to be a journalist, I didn’t think it was necessary to research further).

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2 thoughts on “Olbermann is the Defacto Leader of the Democrat Party”

  1. Who do the research when this D bag research only consists of where to pick up the ” STIFFEST” hair gell for his MOP.

    I really like the angle though that Olberman is the defacto leader of the party. Can’t wait for the on air blow up between him and Matthews when Chris figures that out!!!!

  2. I have really tried to listen to Keith Olbermann’s show many times but had to change the channel every time. He gives so much one sided information that is so slanted that I can’r help but believe he can’t sleep at nighrt because of a guilty conscience.

    I fell so sorry for him. He is just a bitter old man and getting worse every week.

    His rants are so uncalled for. He doesn’t care how he slants the issues. Just like Ragen said. “If I walked on water today Oberman would have a big issue on his next show saying I can’t swim.” Oberman has his own agenda and to call his show a news show is nothing but a scam to the very few viewers he has left. It is so obvious that he hates Captioism and the Tea Party’s success. He is going to have a heart attack if he keeps up this out of control ranting over nothing.

    The tide is turning on all the Trade Unions, Obamacare, increased taxes, and the attack on Conservatives. Keith is about to have a cow. The Worm Has Turned and the American people are fed up with all this Liberal Agenda’s. Thank god for Fox News.

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