Bobby Jindal Crazy

“I know Bobby Jindal, and that guy wasn’t Bobby Jindal.” – Kathleen Parker

Everyone is done going Bobby Jindal crazy. It’s all anyone seems to be talking aboot. A lot of the traffic this blog has been getting for the past week is from people searching the words “Bobby Jindal,” plus there’s been an uptick in racist comments from open minded and tolerant progressives comparing him to Apu from “the Simpson’s” (I delete most of them, like I do the racist comments they post aboot Michael Steele), which of course they do anonymously from behind their keyboards.

I’m over the fact that it was one bad speech that I think a lot of us (me included) over-hyped amongst our selves. He sounded much better the next day on “the Today Show,” there was a great profile of him on “60 Minutes,” and even Kathleen Parker (who lately has been sounding like a complete dingbat) suggested we all take a step back and slow our role a little.

So sayeth Ms. Parker…

In coaching him to dim the lights a tad, they stole his spark. Dumbing down doesn’t come naturally to wunderkinder such as Jindal. In trying to sound human, he sounds fake. In attempting to convey everydayness, he comes across as an extraterrestrial. Tuesday’s speech was a setback, much like Bill Clinton’s droning 1988 Democratic convention speech, but hardly a career-ender.

When Jindal apparently slipped his collar and resurfaced Wednesday morning on the “Today” show, the Rhodes scholar Jindal (who was accepted to both Yale and Harvard medical and law schools) was back. He dropped his “I’m-just-a-regular-guy” shtick and managed to articulate his conservative principles without putting the audience in mind of cookies and milk. Praising Obama’s objectives — while conceding that Republicans have lost fiscal credibility — he emphasized his preference for policies that help businesses create jobs rather than government programs he fears will require a taxpayer feeding tube in perpetuity.

We have to be careful when it comes to declaring someone “our Obama” and jumping ahead to the 2012 election. All of our young upstarts (you’ve seen the list) are going to have setback or not have as successful a TV performance as we would like. Just remember that nationally we have until 2010 for the next big election, and Gov. Jindal himself has nothing to run for until 2011.

I’m fine. You’re fine. Bobby Jindal is fine. We’re all fine. It’s going to be okay.

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