Why Michael Steele Disappoints Me

I don’t really care aboot the dust up with Rush Limbaugh. While he looked ridiculous apologizing, better that than a week of the media ignoring the 3,000 points the DOW is dropped since the election in lieu of pushing a war between the two. Meh.

And while it bothered me he let DL Hughley get away with saying the GOP Convention looked like Nazi Germany without calling him on it…actually, I can’t really think of a good excuse for that, but it’s still not the main thing that bothered me.

What bothered me was that, while everyone agrees the GOP needs to broaden their base, he feels he needs to do it by sucking up to the people we’re looking to attract. I like Public Enemy as much as the next guy (“soul on a role but you treat it like soap on a rope because the beats and the rhymes are so dope”), but instead of trying to act like you’re “down” with Chuck D, why not tackle an issue? I’ll even give you one:

School vouchers.

The new Obama budget would do away with the school voucher system that is helping poor families in the inner city area send their kids to private/charter schools they wouldn’t normally be able to afford to.

President Obama, who sends his kids to private school, doesn’t these families to be able to have the same opportunity, because while the Democrat Party claims to care aboot their vote and care aboot the kids, they care aboot the money they get from the teacher’s unions more.

It’s an issue the GOP can own because while the President talks a good game aboot school choice, he and the rest of his party are still bought and paid for by the teachers unions.

So if you’re going to go on a show with an African-American host to try to appeal to an African-American audience, maybe next time consider tackling an issue that appeals to African-American voters…especially one that is in the news right now.

Just a thought.

UPDATE: Mr. Steele, this or this might also be better use of your time.

UPDATE DEUX: See how easy it could be?


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3 thoughts on “Why Michael Steele Disappoints Me”

  1. The controversy about Michael Steele and Rush Limbaugh (who I don’t really particularly listen to anymore) is more than about Rush. When the liberal talk show host said that CPAC looked like a bunch of Nazis Michael Steele nodded in agreement.

    Some said his nodding wasn’t in agreement with that statement but still at the very least he was quiet and did not speak out against that outrageous statement.

    This is more than about Rush the person. This was about the speech he gave and if you listened to the speech and agree with it then it is not only Rush but you, and all other grassroots conservatives that Michael Steele has rebuked in the harshest of terms.

    Well, if that is the way the “leader” of the GOP feels about me then I say no, no, no, not God Bless the GOP, GOD DAMN the GOP. It isn’t the party I thought I knew!

  2. well……Now it’s dump all over michael steele.I LOVE MICHAEL STEELE…as a 29 year old black male who is an independent conservative i have always had a fondness for michael steele.Not cause he’s black but because he always makes sense and is not mean spirited when he is.The problem with the republican party is it ONLY….Only SPEAKS to the base.Why do 90 percent of blacks vote democrat?NO republicans on a daily basis challenge why they shouldn’t.How many republicans travel to harlem and summit with black leaders….where is the republican prescence??How many travel to the valley or the inner cities with Hispanic leaders and discuss thier issues!!None…..Except michael steele can.It’s noot the GOP message that turns people off…It’s the messengers.AT the end of the D.L hughley clip you missed when D.L a staunch democrat said Michael steele changed his view of Michael steele and that translates to changing his view of the republican party.Repubs can speak to IOWA and New hampshire all day,That’s easy…..Go to the inner cities,go to the ghettos,go to the Poor and impoverished and use your messsage to bring them out.SHow them how hard work,a equal playing field,vouchers,social security accounts and low taxes will help them succeed.ALL i hear from talk radio is why the rich shouldn’t be taxed more.REPUBLICANS have been designated the party of the RICH WHITE MAN.That’s why we loss both elections…..Start defending the poor,say you want taxes for no one and then you’ll see change…….Focus your attacks on obama and not steele.

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