[VIDEO]: Pete King, The Survivor

“I think [Pete King]’s one of the greatest public servants and we’re lucky to have him in New York” – fmr NY Mayor Ed Koch

There was a great piece on current NY congressman and (God willing) future senator Pete King in the National Review recently (the gold standard of conservative periodicals – though I’m more of a “Weekly Standard” guy).

As you may have caught on, I’m a huge fan of his. Besides the fact we New York Irish stick together, cats like King I feel are the exact type of pol Republicans need to take back control in the Northeast.

Some money quotes…

“I believe in original sin and that people have human failings. That also is the basis of conservatism and why you don’t want to give too much power to any one person or entity, because we have these failings…We can be for very strong social values, be very pro-life, be very supportive of the military, and not be always be passing judgment on others with a moral tone.”

“Often I see Republicans go on television and it’s the same talking points and it’s a Washington-oriented or — and I don’t mean to start a civil war or anything — maybe it’s focused more on what people in rural areas are focused on, as opposed to the Northeast…I think that the New York that elected Jim Buckley and voted for Ronald Reagan twice and elected D’Amato and Pataki is still there. I know the demographics are changing, but close to, if not more than, 50 percent of the state could vote ‘blue-collar conservative.’”

I highly, highly recommend giving the whole piece a read. With King, Rudy, and now possibly George Pataki as the triple threat leading us into 2010, if the GOP is going to make gains in the Northeast it could and will start in New York.

And since I said the word “survivor”…

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