Don’t Call it an Economic Comeback

It’s been here for years…

I was kibitzing with one of my colleagues yesterday, talking aboot how the Obama Administration is purposely ignoring real problems like the banking crisis in order to scare people into a panic so that they can rush in their agenda, as well as use a controversial media figure to distract people from what’s really going on.

You know, just like George Bush would do. And here I thought a vote for McCain was a vote for the third term of George Bush.

Apparently while this is going on, there are signs that the economy is starting to turnaround on its own. Now I’m no economist, I don’t even play one on television. That’s why we’ll turn to the future Senator of the great state of Connecticut, Larry Kudlow…

Consumer incomes, after tax and adjusted for inflation, have increased for five straight months, which is largely from the tax-cut effect of plunging energy prices.

Housing affordability is at a record high. Purchasing-manager surveys are now bottoming out. Fear-based credit spreads continue to decline. The money supply is expanding rapidly. And commodity prices are bottoming.

He also spoke aboot something called a “Treasury Curve,” which you’ll have to click the link to read more aboot…just because it was too long and thorough and I still need to get dressed for work.

Sen. Kudlow did conclude that, with every recession ever, the economy heals after oil prices drops and the before mentioned “Treasury Curve” normalizes. Both of those things are going on right as we speak, and are currently being told the sky is falling.

Just something to think aboot.

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