Lil’ Timmy Turbo Tax

I love hearing the accusations of hypocrisy coming from the left that Republican’s have only now found their inner-conservative and are against wasteful spending and a bloated budget, after six years of giving President Bush whatever he wanted (the Democrats have been on charge for the last two). I’m not denying that the accusations aren’t accurate, but this is politics. The hypocrisy cuts both ways.

You know, kind of like Candidate Obama saying he was going to lower taxes, reign in spending, and usher in a whole new era of transparency.

That brings us to Treasury Secretary Lil’ Timmy Turbo Tax, who is talking aboot going after tax cheats to a panel headed by Charlie Rangel (the irony is quite biting). Though I care less aboot Lil’ Timmy’s tax problems as much as I am him criticizing the past policies HE WAS A PART OF. So sayeth Michael Goodwin

Geithner now preaches the religion of regulation in the financial markets, yet, in his former job, he was supposedly standing guard at the epicenter of the meltdown. As chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank in New York, he was the central bank’s eyes and ears on Wall Street. Apparently he was blind and deaf, to judge how the banks marketed toxic junk.

Meanwhile, Geithner’s personal tax history is shocking for a man now in charge of the Internal Revenue Service. His tax delinquencies, with interest and penalties, came to about $43,000, some of which he paid when he was audited in 2006 but most of which he didn’t pay until he knew Obama would give him a job.

I wonder how the agents who audited him feel about working for him?

Yet there was Geithner yesterday, talking about morals and justice and the “absolute right judgment” of the budget and going after delinquents. The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

Yep, but Republican’s are the one’s who are the hypocrites. Please refer to the 1987 Supreme Court decision in the case Pot v. Kettle.



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