Rove to Obama: Your Moms!

When I can wake up in the morning, have a cup of coffee, and point out Obama hypocrisy while quoting Karl Rove, it’s going to be a good day.

But yeah, remember the candidate who was going to (I may sound like a broken record today, but whatever) cut our taxes, reduce the deficit, and reign in a whole new era of government transparency. It’s only been a few months, but not only has he not none any of those things, he’s actually flat out broken those promicises.

He passed a $1 TRILLION spending bill that most people still don’t know what’s in it, and managed to increase the deficit more in a month then in the first TWO HUNDRED AND FOUR YEARS of the Republic.

Then take the “cutting taxes on 95% of American’s” for example. As Mr. Rove points out today…

Mr. Obama pledged “no tax hikes on any families earning less than a quarter million dollars.” What he didn’t draw attention to was $600 billion in higher energy taxes he wants to impose through a cap-and-trade system on carbon emissions. These taxes will hit everyone who drives, flips a light switch, or buys anything manufactured, grown or shipped.

Mr. Obama devoted four times as much space in his campaign stump speech to cutting taxes as he did to talking about raising taxes on the wealthy. In the election’s most widely watched speech, his Denver Convention address, he didn’t even mention raising taxes, instead stressing he’d “cut taxes — cut taxes — for 95% of all working families.” Yet higher taxes are what every American is going to get.

The higher energy taxes is supposed to offset the Obama Health Care Expansion, but without an actual plan being announced yet (he’s only holding the “health care summit” today), it’s not right to comment on it. I’d like to hope for Candidate Obama who said, “On health care reform — two extremes. On one end, government-run health care, higher taxes. On the other, insurance companies without rules, denying coverage. Both extremes are wrong.”

I’m not expecting him though.

UPDATE: Speaking of “your moms….”

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