Gingrich and the Future of the GOP

It’s funny, I was all set to write another one of my “Newt Gingrich Announces His Candidacy for President” blog posts, because there was and article aboot him saying just that. Apparently he was giving some speech at some college, and when asked aboot if he was going to run he said, “It’s something I’m going to look at.”

This was just Newt talking off the cuff at a college, yet there were the news articles titled “Newt 2012” on how he’s going to run, which you’re going to see everytime he says the word “President” over the next two years. So the former Speaker goes on “Meet the Press” on Sunday morning, and of course David Gregory wouldn’t let him leave without asking him if he was interested in running for president in 2012.

His response?

Not particularly. I decided if I said anything other than that, it’d be become some headline and I end up–so “not particularly” is a good answer for this morning.

I mean, who knows what–who knows what next month is going to be like? You’re asking me to think about 2000 and–I think this country has to have a once in three generation conversation. I don’t think we should have it in the 2012 campaign, I think we should have it this year.

He also had some things to say aboot the future GOP leadership, surprisingly enough, off of a question over whether or not Rush Limbaugh is the GOP leader and if he hurts the party…

No, it’s like saying does Chris Matthews help or hurt the Democratic Party? The fact is he has a large audience, he–the audience believes him, the audience calls their members, the audience has an effect. He’s not the leader of the Republican party. And Michael Steele’s one of the leaders. Bobby Jindal, who you had on recently, is one of the leaders. Sarah Palin’s one of the leaders. Eric Cantor’s a rising new leader. Paul Ryan’s a–I mean, there are tons of leaders in the Republican Party.

I think we’re letting ourselves get too wrapped up in “who the next leader” will be. It’s the caveat I always give when people ask me who I think will step up, which this time four years ago the two nominees were Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani, some cat named George Allen was the “next Ronald Regan,” and Obama was the guy we were hunting in Afghanistan. In other words, who the hell knows who the next leader will be?

Personally, I like it better to see who steps up when the issue presents itself. Mitt Romney is always there when the economy comes up. Both Bobby Jindal and Mark Sanford spoke out against the stimulus bill. Eric Cantor is there to take charge on legislative matters. Paul Ryan is the point man when it comes to the budget.

And when we start to debate the Obama Energy Tax, who better than the governor of an energy producing state who is an expert in all things energy?

Here’s my advice…because as a blogger who still lives in his mother’s basement and doesn’t like wearing pants, I’m an expert in these matters. Let’s stop looking to anoint someone the next leader or “Our Obama.” Instead, let’s support ALL OF THEM when it’s their turn in the spotlight.

Remember, before 2012 comes 2010 (2011 is really a throw away year)…and as the former Speaker said, we still have 2009 to get through.

UPDATE: Boring.

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