Class Warfare on Terror

I always love getting lectured into arguments with having someone I disagree with politely and respectfully share their views with me, particularly when it comes to the economy. They can’t understand why I would have a problem with taxing the top 5%, especially since I’m not one of them.

I’m weird like that, I don’t resent people for being more successful than I am, nor was I ever instilled with the sense of entitlement that if you have more than me you owe me some of it. That’s class warfare – where the Democrats scare you into thinking anyone that has more than you is evil, corrupt, and you enemy (never mind the fact that’s exactly what D’s accused the R’s of doing with the “War on Terror,” another example of how Barack Obama is more of the same as George Bush).

Then there’s also the collateral damage of class warfare, as Michael Goodwin illustrates

The President dismisses the growing perception he is adding to the economic pain. Asked about the markets, Obama waved them off as like a “tracking poll in politics” that “bobs up and down day to day.” It was a telling moment, for the markets on his watch have moved almost exclusively down. And the 55 million households that hold mutual funds are watching their savings and retirements vanish in great gobs.

Most are decidedly middle class, making them collateral damage of this war.

…but Obama has expressed little interest in prosecuting those who cooked the books to make billions and undermined the financial system. Nor is he interested in rebuking Congress, including leading members of his own party, who fostered destructive lending and borrowing policies. He seems comfortable with his aides, including those who saw nothing amiss in their former roles as Wall Street players and regulators.

Instead, Obama’s class-war language, most of it written into prepared speeches, looks like selective anger, calculated to stoke public emotion to build support for his expansive agenda. That agenda, which revolves around a dramatic increase in Washington power, relies on tax hikes on the same successful businesses and individuals he denounces.

I – little ol’ me who isn’t part of the evil top 5% – actually had money in the market up until September last year. I took it out because, once it became clear Obama was going to win (since for those last two months he was running un-opposed) I new what was coming next. This jive aboot him lowering taxes, reducing the deficit, and ushering in a whole new era of transparency was a bunch of horseshit.

Luckily, it wasn’t my retirement money and I got out while the DOW was at 11,000.

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