Joe Scarborough, Paul Ryan, and Me

Score one for the Cheetos Brigade!

This actually put a big smile on my face when I finally watched it tonight. I get tired of the media talking aboot how Republicans don’t have a plan, while ignoring the Republicans who have a plan.

So I tweeted Joe Scarborough (he’s one of my Twitter friends) last Tuesday

You say the R’s aren’t presenting a plan. Why not have Rep Ryan on to discuss his recent WSJ editorial aboot his plan?

Joe responded the next day

Great idea! I need to get Paul on the show. A great conservative.

So I get home from work Tuesday night, hop on the computer to see what I missed (some of us have real jobs to get to), and apparently Rep. Paul Ryan appears on “Morning Joe” and there’s the following exchange…

I rock!

P.S. I realize the video says “Jim Ryan.”  I’m sure the video author is just broken up over it.


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