Newt Gingrich is Blacker than Michael Steele

We elected Michael Steele to be the chairman of the Republican National Committee (who to be clear, I still fully support). Everyone agrees our party needs to broaden its base, while still being true to our conservative principles. We’ve let the Democrat Party define us in the eyes of voters of color (while still providing our share of self-inflicted damage). Michael Steele is the first step in correcting that.

Steele can go out and there to talk to these voters aboot school choice, aboot social issues, aboot tax cuts, and aboot what some call the “liberal plantation,” and have more authority to do so simply because he is one of them.

So while Steele is trying to be down with Chuck D and talk aboot an “off the hook” Republican makeover, why is Newt Gingrich the one doing a serious interview with Essence Magazine? So sayeth the former Speaker

I think that a number of members reached the conclusion that we had to develop a much broader party with a much broader appeal. Of the candidates who were running, Michael Steele presented the best hope of communicating that you could be a Republican and be part of a broader coalition than the historic Republican Party. I would expect Chairman Steele to be comfortable going to the NAACP, the Urban League and any place in America talking to people about why having a private sector-oriented party that had lower taxes was in your interest. Or why, for example, from the standpoint of many inner city African-American parents, having the right-to-school choice so your child could go to a school that was safe and get a good education mattered to you.

Look, if he doesn’t affect change in the Party it’s a token. If he affects change in the Party, then it’s an advance. I was flying to Phoenix last week, and one of the attendants was an African-American woman who was very conservative. She was frustrated because she felt a desire for lower taxes, [an emphasis on] work ethic, and the opportunity to create a small business. She thought that if the ideas weren’t automatically labeled “Republican-Democrat,” and you were just having a conversation, then we’d have an amazing percentage of people who agreed with us.

Gingrich then went on to cover ground aboot why small government still matters, why it’s okay that there isn’t one sole leader for the GOP and the benefit of having twenty or thirty of them, the latest batch of poll numbers, and the usual question of if he will or won’t run for President in 2012.

So while Michael Steele is on television letting CNN get away with comparing the last GOP convention with Nazi Germany, Newt Gingrich is the one out there giving interviews with audiences that aren’t normally associated with the Republican Party, and trying to expand the base without resorting to slang and pandering to the audience he’s speaking to.

::blinks twice::

UPDATE: Newt-Romney 2012 maybe?

UPDATE DEUX: You can’t be fucking serious.

UPDATE TRES: This isn’t going to end well……

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3 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich is Blacker than Michael Steele”

  1. Who is this “we” who elected Micheal Steele? Who is this “We” who believes that we need to broaden our base with Afro-Americans?

    Afro-Americans vote democrat because the Democrats give them free stuff. So you honestly believe that anyone would benefit by having both parties competing to give Negroes the most free stuff, at the expense of everyone else? Look Afro-Americans represent 12% of the demographic, and in general they are not very affluent, and are not going to give money to the party. This is not the sort of growth that the Republican Party needs.

    The Republican Party is by default and de facto the Party of White working middle class people. Either the Republican Party learns this or they die. White Working middle class people represent 70% of this country, which is plenty to win every election. This is our base, and the Republican Party should realize this and fight to defend the base of the party, but fighting to insure that white middle class people remain a majority in this country.

    This means the Republican party must fight to stop all non-white immigration into this country. They must fight to deport all illegal immigrants. They must fight to end birth right citizenship and anchor babies.

    Becoming the Party of Multiculturalism, Affirmative Action, and freebies for minorities is repulsive to the base of the Republican Party. So long as the Republican Party fails to fight for the White Man, then the Republican Party can go to Hell. For this reason, Micheal Steele needs to be fired immediately, and they should quit promoting Bobby Jindall, and remember that their base in white and most all of us want America to remain a white country, and not turn into a multicultural cess pool.

    I was looking at the people running for RNC chair and noticed that 2 were black, 1 was a Jew and only 1 was white. Seeing that the base is overwhelmingly white and blacks and jews make up collectively 15% of this country in total. This is obviously discrimination against the base who elects Republicans, who are over whelmingly white. Republicans either start to represent the white race the same way as Democrats represent minorities, or else the Republicans and conservativism dies. Jews and Niggers do not vote democrat, neither do Mexicans. Republicanism depends on the white race, and the white race alone.

    Replace Micheal Steele with David Duke or Pat Buchanan. Declare war for the White Race, least die a cowards death.

  2. “White Working middle class people represent 70% of this country, which is plenty to win every election.”

    I suggest you check your census charts. Within 20 years, whites will literally be the minority in this country (they’re already a minority in California, and Texas soon to follow), and most of the now-minority, soon-to-be-majority population overwhelmingly vote Democrat. So good luck with that and keep biting on that “let’s alienate everyone except the white voters” platform. It only helps the progressive cause (see Elections, 2006 and 2008).

    As to this original post…I beg…BEG…the GOP to run Newt/Romney in 2012. PLEEEASE do that. I can’t wait to see Newt Gingrich lead the party of “family values” while explaining how he asked his dying wife to sign divorce papers so he can run away with his mistress…the same man who was run out of Washington on a rail…please….LET. HIM. RUN.

    Let’s see–North Carolina is a blue state, Virginia is a blue state, Florida….the Dakotas are only single digit red states, trending blue….you guys are in for an interesting decade.

    And now the Chairman of the RNC is saying he’s pro-choice (for now until he changes his mind) and is about to be ousted from his seat by a segregationist. THAT’S PERFECT FOR THE GOP…..

    Face facts bumpkins….the Republican party as it stands right now, belongs to the states that once made up the Confederacy and its voters have the same mindset. A regional rump party. Really not a good position to be in….


  3. 20 years? Not quite, but close enough. That is why the Republicans hav to come out now for the white race, or the Republic is lost and Western Civilization is over. The non-whites which are currently driving the whites who built this country to minority status will turn this country from a first world nation into the 3rd world nations that they came from.

    You are right. We have to fight for the white race right now before it is too late, and send all these non-whites back to where ever they came from. America was established by whites for whites. Without whites, this place is just another 3rd world cess pool.

    We whites have an ethnic interest in keeping this country white. Other ethnics have in interest in keeping this country white too, least this country turn into the shit hole they left. Sad to see the destruction of Western Civilization thanks to the treason of politicians and Jews.

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