Ted Nugent Hearts Socialized Medicine

I try not to write aboot issues until there’s actual legislation being written and/or debated. The Healthcare Plan right now is more a concept or an idea, so there’s not much to give an opinion aboot. It worries me when Dear Leaders budget chief tells the Senate Finance Committee it’s up to lawmakers to figure out how to spend the $634 billion in Obama’s budget for health care, since that’s the exactly way the Obama Administration dealt with the crap sandwich we call stimulus, but without and actual plan I’ll stick to complaining aboot the budget and economy.

Ted Nugent on the other hand never needs a reason to tell us what we need to know, and I’m always looking for an excuse to link to The ‘Nuge. Particularly in this case because, while the more I try to wrap head around “the crisis” the more I feel a brain aneurysm coming on, the point he makes is one of my biggest issues with socialized medicine. The “moral hazard” if you will.

So sayeth Uncle Ted

As I wrote in my common sense, bulldozer of truth book “Ted, White and Blue,” you do not have a “right” to health care, but rather a personal responsibility for it. From my vantage point, too many Americans obviously do not care about their health but have the unmitigated audacity to want someone else to pay for their health care damage control. That attitude is soulless, irresponsible and un-American. I am not of the same species as these bloodsuckers.

According to every health study I can find, the vast majority of health maladies are easily preventable, especially the choice of obesity. The Surgeon General estimated obesity kills 300,000 Americans annually and cost the economy over $100 billion in 2000. The ugly truth is that America is the most obese nation on earth which leads to poor health and the tremendous cost of health care. Obesity is a choice, not a disease.

The results are irrefutable: a good diet coupled with a routine exercise regime is the best preventive medicine to combat cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and many other health complications. Moreover, according to preventdisease.com, preventable illness constitutes approximately 80% percent of all illnesses and a whopping 90% of all health care costs! They further state that preventable illness accounts for eight of the nine leading categories of death.

Yes, I know it’s only one aspect of the health crisis in this country, but I’ve always felt it’s a big one.

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