Democrats to Obama: Slow Your Role, Slapnutz

Well, you knew this was coming. It wasn’t going to be long before moderate to conservative Democrats realized that they need to sell the Obama Agenda to moderate to conservative constituents back home, and little by little a few of them are looking up and saying, “Wait a second, what?”

When a senator like Evan Bayh, a cat who was five minutes away from being Vice President, writes an editorial that says he can’t vote for the Obama Budget, it’s because he’s starting to hear it from voters, regardless of what some polls have been saying.

The next Democrat on Democrat battle appears to be on the Obama Cap and Trade Tax, a massive tax increase on the 95% of American’s who Obama said weren’t going to see their taxes increased…not one penny. Some Democrats, particularly those who live in the few states who produce energy in this country, ain’t having it.

And there’s trouble a brewin

Under normal rules, backers of the cap-and-trade bill would need 60 Senate votes to cut off debate and move to final action. As of now, it’s not clear Democratic leaders have those votes. In a harbinger of the trouble Democrats face over environmental legislation, the House on Wednesday voted down a proposal to set aside more than two million acres in nine states as protected wilderness. A majority of House members supported the bill, but it fell short of the needed two-thirds majority.

On the much broader climate issue, several Democratic senators from Rust Belt and coal-producing states have warned that they may not support legislation that lacks sufficient protections for their home-state manufacturing and mining interests. On Wednesday, the chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, Kent Conrad (D., N.D.), said it is “unlikely” climate legislation will pass the Senate “if it doesn’t have money set aside for industries that will be especially hard hit.”

The sparring over climate change underscores the choices facing Democratic leaders, who could try to push through a cap-and-trade bill using “reconciliation” rules that shield certain budget measures from filibusters. In an interview, White House Office of Management and Budget Director Peter Orszag said the administration is considering trying to pass climate legislation using such rules, which require 51 votes rather than a filibuster-proof 60.

Now, here’s my FAVOURITE part…

In 2001, Republicans used the budget reconciliation process to push through tax cuts called for by then-President George W. Bush, and many Democrats accused Mr. Bush of bypassing the democratic process.

Barack Obama: More of the same as George W. Bush.

I wonder if Olbermann will accuse him of shreading the constitution?


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