Paul Ryan: Prioritizing Pork

“This is not a Democratic or Republican issue – it is a good government issue.” – Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)

One of the main things I like to focus on with this blog, besides a heavy dose of snark at the expense of people I disagree with, are the future leaders of the party to see what they think, what they’re saying, who they are, and so on. One of the cats at the top of my list, if you haven’t caught on by now, is Paul Ryan.

He’s got everything the party needs right now: Ideas, youth, reform minded, conservative convictions, and from a region of the country (Wisconsin) most people don’t associate with the Republican Party anymore. Yeah I disagreed with him on Grand Theft Auto Bailout (and am willing to give everyone a mulligan for TARP 1), but I’m one of those weird eCon’s who don’t carry on every time someone votes differently than I would have (especially when your the congressmen and I’m just a blogger).

Anyway, Re. Ryan recently penned an editorial for his hometown paper. Some snippets…

This spending package represents a collection of appropriations bills rolled into one “omnibus” bill to keep the federal government funded for the remainder of this fiscal year. The nearly half-trillion dollar package comes in the wake of a trillion dollar “stimulus” spending bill, and weeks before Congress votes on a $3.9 trillion budget for FY2010, which includes massive tax hikes – on all Americans – in the midst of a deepening recession. In addition to this, Speaker Pelosi recently stated that a second stimulus bill may be needed. The Federal government is already facing a $1.8 trillion budget deficit this year, with more funds being called for to stabilize a financial system that remains in peril…

I appreciate that entitlement reform is a contentious issue and poses challenges for Washington’s risk-adverse politicians. While I remain the only member of Congress with a proposal that directly tackles this challenge (“A Roadmap for America’s Future” –, I acknowledge that Congress must first regain the trust of the taxpayer in order to credibly tackle our entitlement crisis. Curbing wasteful spending and the broken earmark process would be a great first step…

Much attention is given to the embarrassing earmarks – and rightfully so. Yet, more troubling than these egregious examples of waste is the corruptibility of the process. Earmarks aren’t inherently problematic, but when you have former members of Congress in jail for selling earmarks, there’s something seriously wrong with the process…

Joe and Mike from “Morning Joe” are apparently planning to have him on weekly, plus he’s on CNBC all the time, and he was the one congressman Fox News interview on election night. People are starting to take notice. as should you.

Keep an eye on Paul Ryan.

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