Is South Park the Most Moral Show On TV?

I love South Park. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are literally the only two people in my life that has yet to disappoint me. Literally, every episode, including the ones that are less hysterical than the others, always have at least one moment that cause me to laugh so hard I’m not sure I’ll survive, and in the case of “Imaginationland” or “Cartman has AIDS,” I almost didn’t (and I’m not just sure aboot that, I’m HIV positive).

So I watched the new episode this week on the Jonas Brothers. I don’t know much aboot them other then the fact that I think they suck, one of them dated Taylor Swift, and seeing Mickey Mouse beat the crap out of them is one of those moments I almost didn’t survive through. It was hysterical.

But the most moral show ever? Some dude from Time Magazine makes the case…

OK, that may be a bit of an odd question to ask after a season-premiere episode that included a filthy-mouthed Mickey Mouse, references to girls “gineys tickling,” and the line “You like taking the Jonas Brothers’ hot foam in your faces, girls?” But besides being funnier than anything (unless there was a standout I’m forgetting) from the show’s fall season, “The Ring” also demonstrated that the cartoon is best when it focuses on the four kids and when it is driven by a white-hot moral fury.

In this case, a brilliant parody of not only the Jonas Brothers but the entire Disney company ethos attacks the absurdity of using a hot boy band wearing “purity rings” to sell sex to young girls. (To be honest, not having daughters, I’m not immersed enough in the Jonascult to know if I agree with the specific charge, but they make a hell of an argument.)

Watch the episode for yourself by clicking here.

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