Paul Ryan vs. the House GOP

I’ve made it no secret that I’m a big fan of Paul Ryan. I haven’t agreed with him on some of his recent votes (and thought his excuse for voting for the 90% AIG tax was cockamamie), but he still remains the young, fresh face that’s chock full of ideas the party needs. I even printed out copies of “The Road Map for America’s Future” for my fellow Nassau County Young Republicans, and Ryan placed third in our straw poll on who we thought the future of the party was (behind first place Mitt Romney and tied for second Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal).

That’s why last Thursday, while Paul Ryan was busy working on the GOP’s alternative budget and some are comparing him to cats like John Kasich and Newt Gingrich, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why the House GOP Leadership felt in necessary to put out a “blueprint” of what the budget would be, that produced no numbers and no projections, and was essentially a collection of catchphrases and pictures of windmills.

Seriously, whoever’s idea that was needs to be kicked squarely in the nuts. While Ryan (and apparently Eric Cantor sided with him on this) was working on what could amount to a new “Contract for America,” John Boehner and Mike Pence rushed this blueprint out to prevent the Democrats from calling them the “Party of No,” which actually worked. They stopped saying “Party of No” and started saying “Party of No New Ideas.”

And if there was ever a contrast in leadership in the GOP, here’s Paul Ryan speaking on the budget battle:

“No. 1, we can go to the American people with the truth and tell them what’s happening; and No. 2 – and our obligation if we’re going to criticize – is to give the American people a choice. And I think we need to reach our hand out to Democrats, especially the ‘Blue Dog’ Democrats, who consider themselves conservative Democrats, and say, ‘Don’t sign up to this borrowing spree. Defeat this budget, work with us and let’s get something better.'”

And here’s current minority leader John Boehner when asked if the GOP would be taking a stance of no more bailouts:

“Well, we’ll see.”

He said that while he was walking out the door.

Le sigh.

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